Miami Beach Invests in FUN!

January 15, 2020

Good news, Miami Beach kids! The City of Miami Beach is investing in your FUN! As part of the G.O. Bond Program, a total of 10 playgrounds in 10 different parks will be redone across the city within the next 10 years! Here are the details:



This South Beach park includes an ocean-side playground with a five-sail shade canopy that keeps it cool. Still, its proximity to saltwater has deteriorated its play equipment over time. To restore its condition and modernize its shade feature, the 2009 playground equipment will be replaced and upgraded with a new “quick release system” that can efficiently collapse and remove shade attachments for maintenance needs or storm threats.

*Tranche 1. Anticipated completion is for spring 2022.


MAURICE GIBB PARK   18 Street & Purdy Avenue

This park will be completely revitalized with new fishing piers, walking paths and bay view overlooks, but the new playground structure will be especially unique, as its design is themed after the 1976 Bee Gees song You Should Be Dancing. Replacing the play equipment that exists there today, each new structure will be custom-made to resemble a musical note or instrument. See more HERE.

*Tranche 1. Anticipated completion is for summer 2022.


Par 3 / Bayshore park   2795 Prairie Avenue

Although this park does not exist yet, there will be a great new playground there when it does! In addition to a dog park, tennis courts, a vita course and a butterfly garden, the park design has space carved out specifically for children’s play.

*Tranche 1. Anticipated completion is for summer 2022.



The year-round programming at this park and youth center has overwhelmed its playground with a constant stream of active children. The current equipment, which was installed in 2009, is only suitable for ages 5 through 12; but with all the daytime classes, after-school activities and jam-packed summer camp sessions that take places at this location, the playground area should be made to accommodate both younger and older aged children. As the big kid equipment gets upgraded and replaced, additional fun will also be installed for kids under 5.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 2 (2022 – 2025).


PALM ISLAND PARK   159 Palm Avenue

This park has a heavily used playground that has deteriorated over time from the nearby saltwater sea breeze. Its equipment, which was first installed in 2007, will be replaced with similar playground equipment of the same footprint. In addition, the shade structure will be upgraded with a “quick release system” that can be efficiently collapsed and removed during pre-hurricane preparations.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 2 (2022 – 2025).



FLAMINGO PARK   11 Street & Jefferson Avenue

This 36.5-acre park offers a wide variety of amenities to residents. Its popular playground has reached its lifespan and therefore requires a full replacement. Not only will the historic park receive a fresh set of play equipment, but new security cameras will be installed to monitor the area and other park improvements will be made throughout the premises.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 3 (2025 – 2028).


LA GORCE PARK   6421 Alton Road

This park has a tot-lot playground that serves small children ages 2 to 5. Installed in 2011, its play equipment has become faded and worn. To ensure the comfort and safety of neighborhood toddlers, new play structures will replace the old.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 3 (2025 – 2028).


South Pointe park   1 Washington Avenue

The oceanside playground here, which was installed 12 years ago, is ready for an equipment replacement. Its proximity to saltwater and its heavy daily usage has contributed to its wear and tear. The 2008 play structures will be replaced with new, but similar equipment.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 3 (2025 – 2028).


Fisher Park   50 Street & Alton Road

The playground at this park, which was installed in 2011, is designed for ages 2 through 12. From daily use and sun exposure, a full equipment replacement is necessary. The new equipment will resemble the old, but it will be in mint condition.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 4 (2028 – 2031).


Tatum PARK   8050 Byron Avenue

As a focal point of this North Beach neighborhood, this park deserves a larger playground. Currently, the park has a small, single-unit play structure that is heavily used every day. To accommodate the growing population of kids in the area, the play area will be expanded, more equipment will be installed, and for an added dose of fun, new “water playground” features will also be incorporated.

*Scheduled for construction in Tranche 4 (2028 – 2031).