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How we got to now...

In November 2018, Miami Beach residents voted to approve the $439 million General Obligation Bond Program, passing all 3 related ballot measures with an outstanding support rate of approximately 70%.

The series of events that led up to the November 2018 referendum:

February & March, 2018: An initial project list was produced to reflect information collected from various community stakeholders, researched studies, master plans and neighborhood assessments. The cost estimate for the project list produced totaled $1.1 billion.

April, 2018: The City Commission held a workshop where the Mayor and Commissioners reviewed and prioritized the list of project. The program cost estimate was ultimately reduced from $1.1 billion to $700 million.

May, 2018: Mayor Dan Gelber enacted a Mayor’s G.O. Bond Advisory Panel. 11 Miami Beach residents were appointed to serve through the November 30, 2018 referendum election. The Advisory Panel recommended a further reduction of projects and costs.

May & June, 2018: A series of community meetings were held across various areas of the city. Residents discussed opportunities and challenges associated with the proposed municipal bond program. City staff and elected officials were present to answer questions, offer input and review ideas.

July, 2018: The City Commission held a workshop to refine project and cost details, taking recommendations from the Mayor's G.O. Bond Advisory Panel in to account. A final list of 57 separate projects were approved and the final cost estimate totaled $439 million.

August, September & October, 2018: Ballot information materials were developed to all resident home and email addresses.

An election was held on November 6, 2018, which is the day residents voted to pass all three G.O. Bond referendum ballot items with an overwhelming support rate of 70%.