Revitalizing 41 Street, From the Ground-Up

October 1, 2020

A Beauty from Above but not from Below? 

Miami Beach's 41 Street is a major city entry point, a convenient business district, and a central community hub. As a busy state-owned throughway that is also pedestrian-heavy, it is one of the city's most visible corridors. Still, the photographs speak for themselves. Although it looks beautiful from the sky, ground-level sights could use some work.

Thanks to the resident-approved General Obligation Bond, there is a $15 million quality-of-life improvement project being planned to revitalize 41 Street from the ground, up. To enhance the aesthetic, comfortability, walkability, and public safety of the corridor, upgrades will be made to lighting, landscaping, seating, shade, bike racks and pedestrian pathways.

The city's consultant, AECOM, has produced two different preliminary schematic design options for local residents and business owners to review. CLICK HERE to see the 41 Street Streetscape Design Scheme Presentation, then submit your feedback in the survey below! Be sure to review both schemes carefully (pages 29-48) before submitting your preferences. Survey responses and written feedback will be accepted until Thursday, October 8.

To watch the full video presentation with design explanations and public Q&A, CLICK HERE.

What is your preference?

Scheme 1: ALL in on 41st!

Focus all improvements on 41 Street proper.

Scheme 2: Connect the Community

Focus some on 41 Street and some on side streets.