Navigating the Project Dashboard: A Video Tutorial

February 12, 2020

Have you explored the G.O. Bond Project Dashboard recently? Watch the new video tutorial (below) to learn how to easily navigate it! 

The G.O. Bond Project Dashboard is…


  • The result of a collective city effort to make all G.O. Bond project finance and timeline information as transparent as possible for the benefit of public review.
  • An open-data platform that empowers each and every Miami Beach taxpayer with the ability to track the progress of the $439 million G.O. Bond Program in real-time, from the comfort of their home or office computer.
  • An interactive tool that offers extensive information on each of the quality-of-life improvement projects that the G.O. Bond Program funds, including:
    • Project Name
    • Scope of Work
    • Map Location
    • Dollars Spent, Encumbered & Remaining
    • Project Status (Complete, Active, Pending, Future)
    • Active Project Phase (Planning, Design, Construction)
    • Project Timeline with Start and End Dates
    • Recent Project Manager Updates
    • Department Contact Information
    • Completed Project Photos


The city’s G.O. Bond Program team is committed to educating residents on the progress of the quality-of-life improvements that are being implemented across the city with municipal bond funds. Serving as a unique and innovative government resource, the Project Dashboard invites residents and public officials alike, to access a single source of shared information.


Currently, an informational “roadshow series” is underway, where staff visits various neighborhood association meetings, resident events and community leadership organizations to discuss the progress and oversight of the G.O. Bond Program and to present the many innovative features of the website – Since January, the G.O. Bond Program team has spoken to hundreds of residents across the city and excellent feedback has been received.


If you have interest in scheduling a roadshow stop for your next meeting or event, CONTACT US to get it scheduled!