Millions for Middle Beach: 41 Street Corridor

January 18, 2021

Streetscape Improvement Project Comes to Life with Preliminary Design Renderings

The Miami Beach City Commission has approved a conceptual streetscape design for a $15 million G.O. Bond project that will revitalize the 41 Street business corridor. The corridor runs from Alton Road to Pine Tree Drive over the Biscayne Waterway and through five major intersections. To make room for added pedestrian space, the project calls for the removal of some on-street parking and the relocation of some palm trees. The result is wider sidewalks, textured crosswalks, more seating and a shade tree canopy along the main road as well as on each connecting side street.

Highlights include mid-block seating areas, bicycle corrals on every side street, more than 100 new shade trees, and upgraded LED light pole fixtures to accompany the existing decorative tree-wrap lighting. The design also incorporates programable spaces that can be used for expanded café seating, food trucks, and other activity.

Project map boundaries, AECOM

*Note:  The conceptual design, produced by AECOM, is considered preliminary. Specific details concerning pavement patterns and materials, reforestation and parking decisions will be finalized in the next project phase. The final design will be subject to Design Review Board (DRB) approval. The construction schedule has not yet been determined, but it is expected to take approximately one year to complete from groundbreaking.

To view the full AECOM conceptual design presentation, CLICK HERE.

*Disclaimer: On January 13, 2021, the City Commission approved the conceptual design, with the following amendments:

  • no more than 15% of existing royal palms are proposed to be removed
  • for each royal palm that is removed from the corridor, one royal palm will be planted along the side streets within two blocks to the north or south of 41 Street.
  • benches / seating areas will be designed to promote public safety.